Konzerte und Veranstaltungen

wir freuen uns auf:

b.sides: Mark Peters & Marley Wildthing

Cafe Benno, 1080 Wien

20th October 2022

b.sides: CloudyaH & Raffael Pankraz

Cafe Benno, 1080 Wien

10th November 2022

b.sides b.fore x.mas - Weihnachtsfeier


Cafe Schopenhauer, 1180

15th December 2022

b.sides: Doug Andrews & Jungle Jade

(krankheitsbedingt verschoben)

dark soul and blues tunes, covering bittersweet stories from east to west

new date tba

es war uns eine Ehre:

b.sides: Karin Rabhansl & Stefan Stanzl

tunes full of Schmäh and Ernst, from Niederbayern to strawberry fields

8th September 2022

b.sides: Sabina Vostner & Maddy Rose

dancing amongst the stars with pure, unique and touching tunes

14th July 2022

b.cause - b.sides birthday bash!

celebrating two years of music with our b.friends

30th June 2022

b.on stage: home away from home

Open Call Artist Night, Beaver Brewing Company (1050)

26th May 2022

b.sides: Wolfolks & Aygyul

oriental indie folk and immersive soundscapes, filled with beats and lush synth

12th May 2022

b.on stage: up and coming

Open Call Music Night, Beaver Brewing Company (1050)

28th April 2022

b.sides: Sam Chalcraft & David KcKendry

likeminded islanders, making waves and casting anchors in Vienna

14th April 2022

b.sides: Vicky Halo & Agnes Milewski

passionate stories and mesmerizing vocals, happily subverting boundaries

10th March 2022

Stuart Neville at Beaver Brewing Company (1050)

in a b.sides Vienna collaborative effort

26th February 2022

b.sides: Filiah & Son of Loughlin

a love of the mind that sprouts out of the unconscious

10th February 2022

b.sides: Kardamom.T & Homonym

soaring sounds of refreshing duality - experimental, delicate and colorful

11th November 2021

b.sides: Raisa Kovacki & Kim Tamara

from melancholic to energetic and back with everything in-between

14th October 2021

b.sides: Speaking Silences & Session In Her Room

blue voices and feelings echoing in beautiful minds

9th September 2021

b.sides: Soy Tam & Open Session

timeless melodies of longing and affection

26th August 2021

b.sides: CloudyaH & Stuart Neville

electric loop dreams and smokey whisky voices

8th July 2021

b.sides: Just Jess & Even If

out-of-the-ordinary within the ordinary, from playful to bittersweet

10th June 2021

b.sides: Dylan Goff & Amelie Tobien

two powerful voices singing us into a mood of autumnal delight

15th Oct 2020

b.sides: Chris Uboh & Raffael Pankraz

powerfully eloquent: melancholic heartstring strikes and articulate earwig-hits

17th Sept 2020

Soft Opening - Portrait of Today

b.sides Soft Opening mit Voranmeldung im Cafe Benno

17th June 2020